Goodbye, 2021! See you in 2022!

Time zipped by and the bell for the year 2022 is about to ring. Do you remember your goals set in 2021? Deposit money of 30,000 to 50,000, lose weight of eight or nine pounds, make two or three friends, read six or seven books? I wonder if it has been achieved now? Or, as netizens flirted, most of the initial goals have gone with the wind but at least achieved the most important goal of 2021 - alive! It is true that in the present time when the coronavirus is raging, as long as we are alive, everything is possible in the future!

In the past year 2021, Mibet has made numerous achievements and continues to develop in solar industry, which enables itself to be more professional and creative in solar PV brackets


Mibet has set a small goal in 2021 also - to achieve a total shipment of 3GW solar PV mounting structures. By December 2021, the company has shipped about 3.3GW of solar photovoltaic systems, which exceeded the initial plan.


This year, we encountered difficulties and challenges such as the crazy price increase of raw materials, the extreme shortage of shipping containers, the multi-regional COVID-19 prevention and control in Xiamen city, the power supply rationing of many provinces in China, etc. Nevertheless, the positive and optimistic staff of Mibet, who is as wise as Solomon, held the belief that "there are always more solutions than difficulties," and offered their wise counsel for the company.


This year, the company relocated to a new industrial park, which is located at No. 45, Sushan Road, Jimei District, Xiamen city. It has a total area of 104 acres, including the production area, the brackets exhibition area, the living area, and the parking lot. After the relocation, its annual production capacity for solar PV mounts and floating systems has reached up to 5GW+ and 500MW+ respectively.


This year, we continued to supply and deliver a number of UHV projects in Japan, including several large projects such as a 20MW ground project in Tohoku, a 28.5MW ground project in Mie Prefecture, and a 3.6MW agricultural greenhouse solar project, etc. Mibet products have been fully recognized by Japanese customers for their unique structural design, excellent structure strength and stability, which shows that Mibet's experience and technical strength in UHV projects have reached the international level.


This year, our floating PV mounting systems were exported to other countries like Poland, the Middle East, Thailand, and so on. In Poland, we enjoyed a magnificent snow scene like a famous poem said "the scenery of the north, a thousand leagues locked in ice, millions of leagues of whirling snow".


The story of 2021 is over. Let's continue to work hard and write a new chapter of 2022!

Goodbye, 2021!

See you in 2022!

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